Courier Service FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I have been vaccinated for the Covid-19 Virus.

We get tested as frequently as needed depending on which country or state we are traveling too and follow their guidelines.

We specializing in transporting Cats and Kittens

No, We transport all breeds of cats and kittens.

However, we are very familiar with the Siberian breed.

We offer Word wide delivery.

International and Domestic, although we prefer International.

Near or far, where ever you are.

So far, we have been to Russia, France and Canada as well as the U.S.

NO, absolutely not!

Your babies travel with me in the cabin where we can keep an eye on them and give them food, water and take care of any other needs they may have. Especially affection and reassurance.

  • We will need to know the location of where your new Cat/Kitten is Located (City/Country)
  • Breeder information
  • Intended date for pickup
  • We meet the breeder at the airport
  • We check the Cat/Kitten over general appearance and well being
  • Get any necessary paperwork
  • Transport in the passenger section as explained above
  • Arrive at an airport near you and exchange


We take pictures at the time we pick your Cat/Kitten up from the Breeder, while at the airport, and during our flight if possible.

We can also Facetime if preferred.

Prices vary based on:

  • Location
  • Cost of Flight
  • Pet Fees
  • Hotel costs, if applicable
  • Personal Expenses

Please Contact Us for more accurate pricing details.

Yes. We do have a contract and it will be provided to you during our scheduling process.

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